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Remember Tumblr Prom?

Near the end of the event, Kaito decided took the little girl he brought along with him, home.

He didn’t think it was a good idea to keep Meico passed her bedtime for too long, that’s why he took off a bit early, 

And so, he arrived at home first, before Meiko. 

Both of them couldn’t spend time together at the prom, that’s why Kaito wanted to make up to it. While waiting for her, he prepared a bottle of wine, glasses, and some candles to lighten up the room. 

When she arrived at last, he welcomed her warmly, told her to sit and take a rest for awhile. He offered her a few glasses of drink while asking how her night went.

After she seemed relax enough, he stood up, bowed in front of her, and offered his hand while asking…

"Shall we dance, now?"

She shyly took his hand and stood up.

Along with the gentle tunes of Cantarella that he sang, they moved closely together in slow romantic dance steps. 

Kaito doesn’t consider himself a drinker, but he didn’t mind the taste of wine that spreaded through his mouth when they started to share a kiss, once or twice.

Both of them savoured the time that they had left that night carefuly, not wanting any second to go waste, until they decided it was time to say ‘see you again tomorrow’ to each other, and have a good night rest.


Reference (Thank you, random grandpa~! Random grandma~!)

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